Name: Víťa Kuklík
Date of birth: 11. 6. 1982
Place of birth: Vlašim, Czech Republic
E-mail: vitakuklik@vitakuklik.cz
Eyes: brown
Hair colour: changeable, currently brown + some kind of highlight
Favourite meal: pork with sauerkraut and dumplings, Chinese cuisine
Favourite drink: Redbull with vodka, beer, juice
Hobbies: squash, PC, football, sleeping, snowboard

…and now for some of the story:


For season 2009 I decided to very big change.. after a lot of years on KTM bike I swithced to new Husaberg bike. After not so succesfull season 2008 my season 2009 was good. I returned to the first position in czech enduro championship in E3 class and become czech enduro champion, finished 2nd in overall clasification and finish on 3.place in European enduro championship. So season 2009 was successfull and I am happy for that on new bike.


My season 2008 was very very unhappy.. all the problems started in Six days in Chile, where I broked my wrist and fingers.. and the problems after recovery continued during whole season.. in the races, after 2 min of racing I forgot feeling in my fingers on the problematic hand, so the racing was very dificult and pained.. between races I was 3 times on operations, so for me was not possible to training good and usually I was riding from the hospitals to the races…

Though all the problems I had quite good results in this season, but with all pain this season… I hope next seasons I will have more good luck…

I raced in WEC, European enduro championship and czech enduro championship…

In WEC races.. with my problems I had to skip 4 races and finished on 18.place in E3 class…

In European championship I finished on 3.place in E3 class and 2.place in team clasification…

In Czech enduro championship I become czech enduro champion in teams clasification and finished 2.place in E3 class and 2.place in overall clasification…


I couldn’t prepare for the 2005 season in the way I would have liked, because immediately after the end of the 2004 season, I underwent surgery for damaged cross tendons and my subsequent convalescence lasted five months.

I didn’t get on my motorcycle until just three weeks prior to the first race of the World Enduro Championships in Spain… At the start of the season, it was easy to tell that I had not trained enough, but as time passed, my starts improved and I became better accustomed to a new motorcycle with a 300ccm motor…

During the second half of the season, I regularly started finishing among the first ten in the E3 class, which was my goal… I experienced my best race during WC Finland, where I placed sixth and fourth and earned a spot for myself among the world’s absolute best… I was very satisfied with my final, overall eighth place…

This year, the Six Day Enduro took place in Povsk Bystrica, Slovakia… I once again started with the Czech Republic Trophy Team, and we finished a solid seventh… As far as individual results were concerned, I finished in a very good sixth place and thus this particular six-day event was one of my most successful.

I fared very well during the Czech Republic Championship and I managed to win every race… This resulted in three individual titles traveling to Vlašim…

The last race at the Czech Republic Championship, which was held in Velk Hamry, included the contest for the Czech Republic Teams Championship… I started with my teammates from the KTM CZ team – motocross riders David adek and my brother, Martin Kuklk… I was very surprised by Martin’s performance – he managed to win the E1 class on both days. David also had a very solid performance (second on the first day in the E2 class and taking the victory on the second). Because I also managed to win… the newest and fourth title once again traveled to the KTM CZ garage…

The overall season was very successful for me, and I hope that, in the coming up 2006 season, I’ll be able to pick up where I left off with my performance during the last races of 2005…

In this new season, I would like to once again concentrate on the World Championship and Czech Republic Championship races and, of course, place as high as possible…


During the 2004 season, I acquired the support of the KTM factory. Together with Finnish stars Salminen, Aro, and Silvan, we succeeded in winning under the KTM Racing Team name in a newly established category – Team World Cup. Otherwise, during the world championship races, I started in the royal E2 class, riding a fantastically prepared KTM 250 2t. motorcycle. The work was performed at the KTM Italia garages, which also prepared the motorcycles for the Finnish racers. I didn’t fare too well during the races. I made many mistakes and took quite a few falls during the measured tests. Considering the fact that I had to skip the last two efforts and didn’t score any points at all in Sweden (due to the flu), my final sixteenth position is quite solid.

I also started in the entire series of European Championship races, where I wanted to win the first of these titles in my career. I won the first race fairly comfortably and then I just protected the lead that I had over my greatest competitor – Belloti from Italy. In the end, I won the title by an edge overall. Together with Pavel Melichar and Jan Zaremba, we also successfully won the title of European Champions in the teams category under the KTM Sette name. I also became the European Vice Champion in the country rankings and European Vice Champion in the absolute ranking of all volume categories. Too bad about the two falls during the last test on the first day, which basically lost me an anticipated winning day and subsequently even the title of absolute champion.

Before the Czech Republic Championship started, I secretly hoped that, with a bit of luck, I might win all four Czech Republic Enduro Champion titles. In the end, this wish actually came true, although for the absolute ranking, I had to battle it out with Bohou Posledn, who truly knows how to fire himself up quite a bit at the Czech Republic championship races. Obtaining the title in the 250cc class, in the teams category, in the absolute ranking for all volume categories – Junior class, and finally, in the absolute ranking for all volume categories – Senior class is most definitely my most important home victory.

For the 2005 season, I was considering switching to a 450 4t. motorcycle, so I decided to try it out at the six-day event in Poland. A bit of risk was involved, as I trained on a 4t. for only about two weeks. This transition wasn’t too successful. The motorcycle didn’t suit me all that well, but this was largely due to the fact that on the very first day I dislocated my knee (which repositioned itself) but I tore my cross tendons and meniscus. I finished the six-day event only thanks to injections and medical punctures and, immediately afterwards, started chasing around doctors‘ offices. The diagnosis was confirmed, I had to skip the last WC races, and de facto started the last championship race in Most without any training whatsoever. Right after this race, I underwent reconstructive surgery for the cross tendons and meniscus.

Nevertheless, 2004 was definitely the best season of my career so far – but I hope only for the time being…


I entered winter training for the 2003 season with a lot of experience and expectations. This season worked out extraordinarily well. With the exception of some small sprains, I avoided injuries throughout the entire season. Now I can say that the 2003 season was the best in my career. Just for the time being, I hope :-) I managed to take the Czech Championship in the 125 cc class and all cubages, Junior class, Vice Champion of the Teams Championship, all cubages, Senior class, 3rd rank in the European Team Championship, and most importantly European Vice Champion in the 125 cc, Junior class. I completed the World Championship ranked 8th.


After this somewhat difficult 2001 season, I got together with David adek, who started racing for our team, and began spending most of my winter training time with him. We often trained together for motocross. This of course affected my performance as well. But, one fine day, on the 1st of May, we set off for a supercross race in Pardubice, just to have some fun. I didn’t manage to complete a double-jump, my ankle cracked, and I knew, even before putting my weight on it, that things were bad. It turned out to be a shattered joint and who knows what else. My ankle crumbled like shit in the sun, to put it simply.

The treatment took more than 2 months; so I was really happy that I managed to take part in some of the later races, adding the Champion of the Czech Republic Teams Championship and Vice Champion in the 125 cc class to my collection. Apart form this, there were no special achievements.


For 2001, I got the KTM 250 4-stroke. Again, I took part in the World Championship, the Czech Championship, and the European Championship, though in the latter race I rode a 125 cc motorbike. I had pretty bad luck in the World Championship, being able to complete only 5 out of 11 days, which wasn’t enough for anything better than 16th. I had better results, however, in the European Championship. Despite performing quite poorly in qualification, a turn for the better occurred at home in the Czech Republic at umperk, where I won on the second day. Before the finale, I was ranked 5th, only 33 points away from number 1. I did well in the three-day finale, managing to end up in 3rd place at the European Championship after being ranked 2nd, 1st, and 3rd, 18 away from the first racer. It’s too bad that the qualification didn’t work out better. With regards to the Czech Championship, I failed several times in enduro, in the end feeling lucky to be placed 3rd. Nevertheless, I won my first title of the Czech Champion in cross country.


In 1999, the effect of my hand injury (navicular) from 1997 showed already in my first race, forcing me to have surgery. As a result, I had to sit put the whole year, and couldn’t ride. In 2000, I made an agreement with my uncle Janou, who prepared the Husaberg 250 4-stroke for me, and I participated in all the races of the Enduro World Championship. Eventually, I ended up with in a quite decent 12th place. I came in 2nd in the Czech Championship, managing to get 3rd place in cross country with my KTM 125 and in the 2-stroke class and also 3rd in the absolute Junior ranking. This was also the first time I was nominated for the Junior Trophy Team to participate in the six-day race in Granada. We completed this race with a satisfying 4th place. Individually, I managed to get a really good 7th ranking in the 250 cc 4-stroke class.


In 1996, I first tried Enduro – with my KTM 50 – and won a Czech Championship right away. One year later, I raced in enduro with the KTM 125 and was hit by a car in the third race. The accident resulted in a broken leg and torn ligaments in the other leg. I came in 2nd place in the 80 cc motocross championship at that time, which is why I set off for the last championship race a month later, although my treatment wasn’t yet finished properly. This earned me a broken right hand, a broken navicular, and torn shoulder ligaments. It was my worst season and I would definitely never want to go through something like that again. I got myself together during the winter and for 1998 we prepared a motor from Honda 80 in KTM Sette, which we installed in the KTM 125 frame. I just could not do better than the 4th in the Czech Championship and 3rd in the Czech Republic Teams Championship, in which I took part with Libor Podmol and Honza Skok.

I was 12 when I first mounted a motorbike. It was a travel enduro Suzuki 50 and my uncle Vladimr Janou was the one who got me into it. I became an enthusiast later and started racing at 13. My first motorbike was a Honda 80. Then I switched over to a Kawasaki 80 (1995), TM 80 (1996 – 21st rank in the Czech Republic Championship (MR) and 1997 – 4th in the Czech Republic Championship), and finally to a Honda 80 with the KTM 125 frame (1998 – 4th in the Czech Republic Championship).

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