Co-operation Offer

Dear friends of sport,

Please allow us to make you an offer concerning co-operation with Víťa Kuklík and your company in the area of advertisement.


Name: Víťa Kuklík
Date of birth: 11. June 1982
Place of birth: Vlašim, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 317 845 027
Mobile: +420 602 135 738
Bank connection: 271328040297/0100

Sport Branch – Enduro

Enduro currently belongs among popular sports and attracts the attention of many spectators. Reports on each of the championships (Czech Championship, European Championship, and the World Championship) are published by various kinds of media and regularly presented on TV.

Business Co-operation

As part of our co-operation, I offer you placement of your logo on

In addition, I offer you the possibility of promoting your company in the media. The name and surname can be used on your company’s advertising projects.

Thank you in advance for your possible interest. Should you be interested in future co-operation, please contact me at the above-mentioned phone number to discuss details.

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